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We Got Swag

IMAG1320 Admit it.  You kinda want one, right?

I know I'll be rockin it out at work today.

We did a small vanity press, but if we have enough interest we'll be looking to order some more.  So let us know if you're interested.



ACT NOW: "I Pull Guard T-Shirt"

pullguardfirstThis made me laugh today.  If I were single, I'd prolly purchase it myself. But, since I'm not, I will instead pass this on to all of you and let you do as you please.

It's on a deal for the next 18 hours or so, compliments of our friends over at BJJHQ.

If you get the deal it runs $15 right now.  So have at, jiu-jitsu nerds.

And, no, I get absolutely zero perks for mentioning it.  Just think it's kinda funny.



New Toy of the Week: Brute Wrestling Knee Pads

Knee PadsIt's a pretty good day when you open up the mailbox to find two of these waiting for you. I've been looking to replace my old knee pads for some time and found a fairly decent deal through BJJHQ bout a week ago.  Decided it was time for the upgrade.

I've heard nothing but good things about these Brute Wrestling Torq knee pads, so expect a full report after I try these out at jiu-jitsu this week!

Is there a favorite brand of knee pad or equipment that you like using?  Let us know in the comment section below!