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Video: AROUND THE MAT (Episode 1)


Video: AROUND THE MAT (Episode 1)


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Around the Mat, Episode 1 | Like many of you, I don’t feel jiu-jitsu gets the credit it deserves.

Sure, it’s made incredible leaps and bounds in popular culture over the last two decades, but it seems like most sports media outlets don’t really know what to do with the sport.

At times, it can be frustrating, sickening, downright criminal that our athletes don’t get the proper respect or acknowledgement for the performances they give on the mat.  With our training partners and in our gyms, we talk a good game about how it’s truly a shame this happensas the cynics among us argue “maybe the sport isn’t right for mainstream sports coverage?”

John Evans

We, however, respectfully disagree.

As a student of media, I've ingested my own fair share of sports media and talk shows. Which is why you can't convince me that for all the pomp and circumstance cable shows ascribe to a ten second video clip of Tom Brady throwing a football during the off-season (“OMG guys, Tom Brady threw a football today—and it looked GOOD; they going to the Super Bowl this season!”), we can't find a way to talk about some of the cool things going on in a sport like ours that doesn't even have the luxury of an off-season.

It was with that concept in mind, a collection of like-minded folks from the BJJ community decided to pull their resources together (and form like Voltron) to create our own little jiu-jitsu panel talk show we like to call Around the Mat.

Lex Fridman

In it, we have clips from some of your favorite matches at this year’s IBJJF’s Worlds, an interview with the winner of the submission-only winner of the brutal Dream Jiu Jitsu Baddest Brown tournament (Brian Carlsen), and all the panelist trash talk you can handle.

Not only do we talk about current events in the sport of jiu-jitsu, but we also do our best to shine a light on the BJJ competitors who are doing extraordinary things on the mats around the world.  It's our hope to spotlight athletes who are household names and up-and-coming bad ass jiu-jitsu competitors

This week we chat with Brian Calrsen who, through his major win at Dream's Baddest Brown, helps us understand the mindset of a grueling submission-only format, the differences between sub-only and competing two weeks earlier at the IBJJF Worlds, and even the mental mindset needed to compete in a 51 minute match against Sebastian Brosche (and still have to compete in a no time limit, semi-final and final match).

Kevin trying the whole photo thing.

The video above marks a true labor of love among a collection of jiu-jitsu enthusiasts and practitioners.  As we go on, we'll bring on new panelists and modify the format (based on any feedback you might be willing to provide).  But, the group of us here are truly passionate about the sport and hope we can help contribute in a positive way.

We're proud of the product and we look forward to hearing what you guys think about it.  Thanks for watching and we hope you enjoy it!


One More Time: Isaac Doederlein Demonstrates a "Flying Leg Drag"


One More Time: Isaac Doederlein Demonstrates a "Flying Leg Drag"


Isaac John Me

One of the benefits of knowing BJJ Breakdown’s JOHN EVANS (and there are many) is that the guy knows good people.

Not just people who are good at jiu-jitsu, but a number of elite individuals who share such a passion and reverence for teaching the gentle art.

Isaac Doederlein is one of those people.

After receiving a number of requests asking for a breakdown of one of Isaac's competition techniques, John asked Isaac to show us his "Flying Leg Drag" in the very first installment of BJJ Breakdown's technique demonstrations.

If you're not quite familiar with Isaac just yet, I'd highly encourage all of you to take a quick look at the following examples below to get an idea of the intense game this guy brings to the table.  It shouldn't take long to understand how this very talented featherweight recently captured double gold at the 2013 American Nationals.

And here's a video of Isaac using the very technique he demonstrated with John up top.

I have to say, watching Isaac break down the "Flying Leg Drag" was truly something awesome to see in person.  While the movement may seem very chaotic, there is a systematic process to it all and Isaac does a great job of explaining for both the jiu-jitsu competitor and layman.

In fact, as a true credit to Isaac, I walked away from this demonstration feeling like I actually understood it.  And as someone who suffers from an extreme case of "jiu-jitsu dislexia"™, that's truly an achievement (just don't expect to see me trying this any time soon, I'm far too slow and dumb to pull this one off).

Nonetheless, my thanks to Isaac for taking the time to show us this truly cool technique.  Dude's a class act and I can't wait to see what lies in store for him.

And I think John's got some more footage with Isaac that will be up in the coming days, but if you can do us a solid and give the "Flying Leg Drag" video a LIKE on YouTube it'd be greatly appreciated.  The more likes we get, the more likely you are to see even more techniques with a few friends from our collective rolodexes (side note: Do people even use rolodexes anymore?  Is that a thing?)

Moral of the story: Share the video with your friends and let us know what you think of it.  We'd love to hear your feedback!