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Things We Learned from the UFC 163 Weigh Ins

1.  Try as he might, Ednaldo Oliveira cannot hold his breath for "infinity."

2.  Rani Yahya's favorite joke is "Guess who's got two thumbs and just made weight?"

3.  Ian McCall answers the age old question, "but what if Salvador Dali was a UFC fighter?"

4.  Iliarde Santos can grow a mustache faster than any man in the world.

5.  "Uncle Creepy" should always pose like an old-timey boxer.

6.  Sergio Moraes just discovered he has a tattoo.

Moraes: "Very funny guys. You fall asleep for one minute at a party and next thing you know you have a tattoo.  Least it's not a penis!"

7.  Sergio Moraes and Neil Magny may not like each other, but they have a mutual appreciation for backwards caps.

8.  Vinny Magalhães gets distracted very easily.

Magalhães: "Wait, there's a sale on hot wings going where?"

9.  Joe Silva never passes up an opportunity to get a peek at "the merchandise."

10.  John Lineker and Jose Maria apparently had no clue they'd both pick the exact same day to pay tribute to Jean Claude Van Damme.

11.  Tom Watson had no problem telling Goldie what he thought about Joe Rogan not being there.

12.  Tom Watson also apparently finds Thales Leites' culture to be hysterical.

Watson: "You guys spell combat with an 'e'!"

13.  Thiago Santos has a tattoo of The Ultimate Fighter on him just in case he ever forgets what season he was on.

14.  Lyoto Machida doesn't have brothers, just clones who silently judge you when you least expect it.

15.  Phil Davis can always find a TV monitor whenever he needs to look at himself.

Davis: "Yup, I'm still awesome."

16.  Brian Stann can take or leave Jose Aldo's showboating.

Aldo: "Aww, shit son, guess whose got some protein shake to drink in this bitch?!"

17.  Korea just barely got the 1968 Olympics.

18.  The Korean Zombie was really into one of Aldo's sponsors.

Korean Zombie: "I think I may have to go visit after all."

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