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We Got Swag

IMAG1320 Admit it.  You kinda want one, right?

I know I'll be rockin it out at work today.

We did a small vanity press, but if we have enough interest we'll be looking to order some more.  So let us know if you're interested.



ACT NOW: "I Pull Guard T-Shirt"

pullguardfirstThis made me laugh today.  If I were single, I'd prolly purchase it myself. But, since I'm not, I will instead pass this on to all of you and let you do as you please.

It's on a deal for the next 18 hours or so, compliments of our friends over at BJJHQ.

If you get the deal it runs $15 right now.  So have at, jiu-jitsu nerds.

And, no, I get absolutely zero perks for mentioning it.  Just think it's kinda funny.