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VERBAL TAP (Episode 115) with Eric Jackman


VERBAL TAP (Episode 115) with Eric Jackman

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Raf's Recollection | Remember how sitcoms back in the day used to have "very special" episodes, typically dealing with heavier subject matters, that would take the show outside the constraints of what you'd normally come to expect form it?

You know, stuff like this.

It seemed only fitting that we would refer to our recap of all things Mayweather vs. Pacquiao would fall under that "very special" banner, considering how many millions of people across the world who suffered from one of the biggest wastes of time we've ever had to encounter.

5f21d1ae5a9ee23e1a90ae7d2a5db762_400x400Except if you're Kevin.  He didn't watch the fight.  Because he's Kevin.

Which is why I had to bring on our pal Eric Jackman (New York Ric from the MMA Hour) to help us try to make sense of how exactly two legendary fighters, rival cable networks, the media, the Tecate girls, Jamie Foxx, and the Burger King all hit us where it hurt the most.

Our wallets.


After all, it wouldn't be a "very special episode" without a guest star.

Eric does a superb job helping recap not only the historical context of the fight, but also commentating on the farce that was the build up to the show.

So just know that if boxing isn't your jam, we'll pick right back up where we left off in the MMA world come next week.  But if you were one of the pour souls who spent $100 to watch a man dance around the ring and get awarded the win, then consider this episode your catharsis and listen in to the Podcast of the (Fucking) Century.

Because that's what we're calling this one.  Especially if they can call that bull shit, Fight of the Century.


Speaking of, be sure to check out my first article for First Slice about some of the direct aftermath of this big fight.  I'll be covering part of the Sports Beat over there, so be sure to like the Facebook page and like and share my articles if you'd be so kind.

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