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VERBAL TAP (Episode 49) with Paul Moran, James Koh, and Davey Grant

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Paul and Me

Raf's Recollection | This is a hell of a show.  We've got a little bit of everything on this one.

We begin with my BJJ podcast arch-nemesis, Paul Moran, from Open Mat Radio who helps us with our comprehensive  coverage of last weekend's FIVE GRAPPLING event out in Anaheim.

Paul describes how the event looked on the live stream and we contrast it to the observations I made while watching the event live.

Obviously, Paul does the best he can to match the superb BJJ analysis and commentary that I bring to the table.  But, along the way, we make some solid observations about the production, presentation, and spectacle that was FIVE GRAPPLING (if you haven't done so yet, check out my EXCLUSIVE interview with James Puopolo above)

Also, we get to know more about Paul and his whole life story blah, blah, blah.  Paul's so great, he's beloved in the jiu-jitsu community, go support his critically acclaimed podcast Open Mat Radio or something.  Boring.  Onto the next guest.

On a serious note, tho.  Check out all that FIVE GRAPPLING had to offer.  The entire event is up for view right here:

James Koh

I have such an appreciation for newscasters who bring a positive perspective to the sport of mixed martial arts.  If you aren't lucky enough to catch the kind of solid work James Koh does out here in LA with his show Cage Talk, you are truly missing out on the work of a sports journalist who shares a true passion for MMA.

Cage Talk is a panel sports talk show that airs immediately after every UFC on FOX telecast.  Not only is it fun and full of energy, but James finds great ways to get UFC Fighters to help break down fights.  It's unlike any other local programming put on by our Los Angeles, FOX 11 affiliate—and it's the perfect show for those who are looking for a lively discussion right after a major UFC card.

I was so glad we were able to get James on to talk about a variety of topics, including last week's Pacquiao fight, comparisons between the UFC and the NBA (don't get Kevin started), and even bring on the UFC Middleweight Champ, "GSP," to respond to criticism James makes about his fighting style.

For more of James Koh, give his work a look right here.

Davey Grant

And, of course, it wouldn't be a true installment of Verbal Tap without another spectacular "1 Minute Review" with yours truly.  This week, we brought in Davey Grant to help us make sense of what the hell went down the week of his semi-final match-up against Anthony Gutierrez.

We learn a little bit more about DJ Davey G and even get a chance to have him try to talk shit to "Chris Holdsworth" on our show.

Truth be told, now that we've had both cast members on the show, Kev and I are going Switzerland on this one and staying out of making any predictions.

We're just looking for a great match between our friends Holdsworth and Grant—and we have no doubt we're in for a great fight.  Truly, may the best man win.

Next Week on Verbal Tap

Don't forget, next week is our big 50th Podcast.  You're definitely gonna want to tune in for that one.  Tell a friend and get excited.

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