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VERBAL TAP (Episode 58) with James Puopolo


VERBAL TAP (Episode 58) with James Puopolo

James PuopoloRaf’s Recollection | Here's the good news: I didn't scare James Puopolo away back at FIVE Grappling.

Last November, I got the chance to conduct a quick interview with James about his participation in the extremely cool five man round robin the good folks over at FIVE Grappling put together.

Not only was James gracious with his time, but he provided us with some cool insight about his recent decision to quit his former day job as a math teacher and devote himself entirely to competitive (and teaching) jiu-jitsu.

Additionally, James gives us some insight into his training, studying under Rafael Lovato Jr., his travels all around the word, what it's like to compete at ADCC (the smog conditions in Beijing are apparently to die for... literally), and even his competitive goals for 2014.

And for those who feel like they'll never quite reach the heights James has in both competitive and recreational jiu-jitsu, you definitely should listen to the story he tells about wanting to get his blue belt to help put things in perspective.

And if you find yourself in the Oregon area and want to train BJJ, definitely hit up Salem Keizer Brazilian Jiu-JItsu Academy.

John EvansOver/Under Kevin UFC 169: The Results Show

I surprise Kevin with the return of John Evans to find out who won our latest installment of Over/Under Kevin.

On the podcast we discover who lost and (by proxy) will be forced to put up a picture on their Facebook of their best impression of Urijah Faber.

Yes, those were the stakes.  No, I'm not even really sure what that means.  But we're always up for this kind of nonsense, so keep an eye on the Verbal Tap Podcast Facebook Fan Page.

But Wait There's More!

bjj training journal logo-mainOur pal, BJJ Training Journal's Amechi Akpom, returns to check in on my training regimen.

Which is nothing to write home about lately.

Sure, I've been training, I just haven't had the time to write the follow up to the training journal blog I started a couple weeks ago.  It's been a chaotic time at work (you might have heard a thing or two about it in the news).

But, rest assured, as I wrap up my final week at NBC, there's going to be plenty of time to give you a worthy follow up.  I'm quite excited to start working on what promises to be a mildly amusing set of narratives about my struggles in BJJ.

As always, hit us up with any questions, comments, concerns, hints or allegations.  @VerbalTapCast.  Until next time, fight fans.