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VERBAL TAP (Episode 63) with Samir Chantre & Zak Maxwell

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Raf's Recollection | Perhaps the coolest thing about this week’s podcast was gaining insight into the two very different paths of Metamoris 3 participants Samir Chantre and Zak Maxwell.

By now, many of us have seen the preview videos, we’ve heard the stories, but few of us actually know

how the Metamoris match-ups come together.  On this installment, Zak tells us the way he was approached to compete at the tournament, while Samir gives us some insight into the training practices and strategies that go into preparing for this unique 20 minute, submission style match up.

Not only that, but Samir also tells us what it’s like training with Caio Terra, what competitive activities jiu-jitsu rock stars do on their days off, and even gives us some insight on how the hell this photo came together.

This photo may also help to explain the sense of humor Samir exhibits when we ask him about the possibility of forming a tag team partnership with Clark Gracie to take on the Mendes Brothers.

Meanwhile, we talk with Zak about the awkward wording on his BJJ Heroes profile, the way he studies tape for upcoming jiu-jitsu matches, and gives us some fantastic detail about his training sessions with Royler Gracie (his wording about Royler should be put on a t-shirt and sold immediately).

And as we get closer to Metamoris 3, it’s listening stories like Samir’s and Zak’s that help us better understand the mentality of two different, but widely respected jiu-jitsu practitioners as they prepare for such a highly anticipated event.

But Wait, There’s More

Not only do we do a summary of last week’s UFC Fight Night in London, we also call upon our friend Marshal D. Carper to participate in our latest installment of Over/Under Kevin: UFC 171 edition.

Normally, I surprise Kevin with the folks he takes on in this segment, but this marks the first time I was ever surprised by one of our guests who brought a guest of their own.

Marshal’s not one to take things lightly, so he definitely put in a lot of time into his picks—which is such a wonderful contrast to Kevin’s CliffNotes preparation.

You can follow Marshal at one of this twenty writing things on the internet.  Try these:

Artechoke Media

His Blog.

His Twitter.

Or you can read his book.

For the observant among you, you may notice that Marshal left a note on my copy of his book with an inscription to me.

And just because I know you're begging for it...

Here is that inscription.

Well played, Marshall.  Well played.



VERBAL TAP (Episode 37) with Artechoke Media

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Raf's Recollection | If you practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu, the meme over on the right hand side here pretty much says it all.

As much as we want to go around and spread to the gospel of BJJ to our friends and family, there are some who—despite our best efforts—will never care about the "gentle art."

I know it hurts to hear. I know that it's a lot to take in all at once.  But it's better that it comes from someone who cares.

The realization that some people will never care about a sport that you and I love so much is a fact of life that stings and sometimes causes us great emotional strife (stay with me here, it's going to get better.  Promise).

Our guests on Episode 37 of Verbal Tap know this struggle all-too-well.  Marshal D. Carper and Darryl Cozza are two BJJ practitioners who wrote an uproarious eBook entitled, Don't Wear Your Gi to the Bar, that teaches you how to survive everyday social settings while still preserving your inner BJJ nerd.

And in Verbal Tap first, I'm gonna go ahead and put this as the very first book to receive MUST READ status from our podcast (calm down, we're not starting a book club yet or anything).

Aside from an obvious love of sport, there's a real wit in this eBook that accurately describes the losing battle that is explaining the culture, beauty, and art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu to people who just can't get past why you like dressing up in pajamas and choking your friends.

Wanna know the most insane part?

These guys aren't even charging you a single dollar to read it?  Simply follow this link and download it from their website.  All for Free.99.

Don't Wear Your Gi to the BarAll the guys ask in return is that you share the book with your training partners and other BJJ enthusiasts (and maybe even drop a five star review on sites like Amazon if you dig it).  Also, for you non-cheapskates who like to promote authors on the independent circuit (like a real American), there's also an option to buy a version of their book.

While the book is a great display of subversive humor, there's more to Marshal and Darryl than well-written jokes and Game of Thrones/BJJ metaphors.

They're not just funny, their BJJ knowledge is legit.

Artechoke MediaAs we discover in the podcast, the eBook is only the first in a long line of instructional BJJ videos and articles from the pair.  Recently, the duo have launched their own online venture entitled,, a website that's designed to promote "the organic growth of jiu-jitsu thought, theory, and technique."  The guys were nice enough to send a preview of their next project to Kev and I during the podcast--and all we can say is that you all are in for a treat when they launch it in the coming months.

It's truly spectacular.

And, for me, that's what made this booking so great.  While we do our fair share of talking with pro fighters and MMA personalities, at our core Kev and I are major BJJ enthusiasts.  When you hear these two explain the rationale behind the website (they want to shine a light on the unsung heroes of BJJ such as coaches, instructors, and mentors who may not necessarily be on the covers of magazines, but who make significant contributions to the sport), it's hard not to do the same and give a voice to two individuals who, themselves, are doing exactly that through their humorous writing and insightful videos.

Maybe that's why we like the sport so much.  There's a camaraderie in jiu-jitsu that extends beyond the walls of a gym or a dojo, independent of affiliation and ranks, that consistently introduces us to people like this.  Even though we have never physically met Marshal or Darryl, our overall hope of growing and sharing the sport is one and the same and Kev and I would be down to roll with them when/if the opportunity presented itself.*

Of course, cool people like us already know the caliber of folks who train BJJ.  Even that smug, appropriately cast "Gatsby" Leo DiCaprio meme knows the deal.

So check 'em out on our podcast and while you wait for the episode to download, enjoy Marshal and Darryl at their finest.

*However, if when I actually meet them they're a couple of d-bags, I reserve the right to take all of this back