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VERBAL TAP (Episode 32): UFC on FOX 8 Review


Raf's Recollection | I don't think Kev and I have laughed more than we did on this episode.  Our new friend, TRAVIS, from, had us in stitches the entire episode.

For those unfamiliar, Travis is the guy behind this MMA/boxing viral sensation.

Yep.  That guy.  And he's awesome!  In our EXCLUSIVE interview, we find out what makes Travis tick.  He talks about how the video came together, if people continue to ask if they can punch him in the face, and talks a little bit about the types of fun (and FREE!) instructional videos that can be found on his website.

And while the video that introduced us all to the magic that is @FightSmartTrav is hilarious (and now stands at a cool 2.2 million views online), it doesn't even come close to capturing the essence of the MMA perfectionist who wants to find new and entertaining ways to educate folks about the essence of mixed martial arts and self defense.

There truly is more to Travis than meets the eye.  Sure he's animated, he's got some great MMA training stories, and exudes the perfect type of nonsense that we indulge here at Verbal Tap, but there's a method behind the madness that can be found at his and I'd highly encourage you all to check out the videos he's providing for Free.99.  So get on it, before he gets the good sense to charge you a-holes for the top notch instruction he's providing.

Additionally, Kev and I take some time to talk about this weekend's UFC on FOX 8 and explain where the hell we've been for the past three weeks.  And before you ask: no, we've missed you more, America.  So stop reading this and download/listen to the podcast already!