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VERBAL TAP (Episode 96) with JT Torres


VERBAL TAP (Episode 96) with JT Torres

[buzzsprout episode='216302' player='true'] Raf's Recollection | Man, oh man, did we pack an episode worth of great content for you this week.  We've got interviews with JT Torres (28:52) and Shakib from Submission Fight Co. (1:01:31) and we also recap who won on the UFC 179 installment of Over/Under Kevin with our pal Marcus Kowal.

But let's start with our friend JT Torres.

It's harder to find a nicer more terrifying human being on our guest list.

I had the pleasure of meeting JT back at an Metamoris 2 afterparty and was completely impressed with his polite and friendly demeanor.  Despite being a killer on the mats, JT is of of the nicest BJJ competitors I've had the pleasure of running into.  That night, he was kind enough to talk with me about his match, exchange some fun jiu-jitsu stories, and even give me some words of encouragement about my own BJJ practices (at one point saying my jiu-jitsu couldn't possibly be as bad as I was describing... that's when you truly know someone is nice).

On the podcast this week, we get JT to talk a little bit about his prep for Metamoris 5, his time training at ATOS, his love of video games, why he decided to attack Andre Galvao on the beach of that one Metamoris preview video thing, and even get him to participate in the very first podcast version of our trademark 2 Minute Drill of rapid fire questions at the end of his interview.

Looking forward to seeing this (polite) killer back on the Metamoris mats in the coming weeks in his upcoming match with UFC fighter Rory MacDonald.  This may be one of the few times an American will out-polite a Canadian post-match.


RevGear LogoRevGear and Marcus Kowal

One of the things I like about Marcus Kowal is how random he can be.  For example, while it's not uncommon to see him at an event like the RevGear BJJ League Tournament, it's another thing to just happen to see him coach and then immediately compete right thereafter.

But that's Marcus for ya.

My compliments to RevGear for attracting some of the coolest folks I know on the BJJ circuit to compete this week.

It's always a blast running into so many of these awesome BJJ competitors and many of their fights did not disappoint.  I'm hoping we'll see them with another tournament here in SoCal soon enough!

We talk a little bit about Marcus' competition at the tournament (as well as what it was like competing against one of Josh Barnett's beastly wrestling students) and then we find out who won this week's installment of Over/Under Kevin: UFC 179.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 4.20.52 AMSubmission Fight Co.

We then close out this stacked episode with an interview of the owner of Submission Fight Co.

Over the past few months, a lot has been printed about the brand.  And rightfully so.

Earlier this year Submission Fight Co. discovered that products that they believed to be hemp-based were discovered to contain no trace of hemp.  Discussion threads were dedicated to it, blog posts written, videos conducted with many customers expressing frustration with the company.

Rather than speculating on the issue, we decided to go straight to the source to ask him what events transpired, how the company discovered the problem, and what practices Submission Fight Co. intends to partake going forward.

We invite you to give the interview a listen and decide for yourself.

More World Jiu-Jitsu Expo Videos This Week

Trying to edit these as fast as possible, but here's a few more interviews for ya to take a look at.  Hope you enjoy 'em!

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