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VERBAL TAP (Episode 99) Metamoris 5 Extravaganza


VERBAL TAP (Episode 99) Metamoris 5 Extravaganza

[buzzsprout episode='224400' player='true'] Metamoris 5Raf's Recollection | Metamoris recap shows are always my favorite episodes.


Not only do we dedicate an entire episode to breaking down the techniques, production value, and implications of the big event, but we also get a chance to catch up with some of our favorite friends (new and old), as they help us analyze these matches from every possible angle.

Following in the tradition of our previous Metamoris recaps (Metamoris 4 and Metamoris 3), we enlist a team of six to help us take a look at the card and break down each match.

Joining us this go round...

kit daleKit Dale - Leading us off on this podcast is our good pal Kit Dale.  When looking to analyze the explosive match-up between Garry Tonon and Zak Maxwell, we figured: who better to speak on the match than a guy who not only had some of the best seats in the house, but also happened to commentate on the match as it was going on (not to mention: who knows a thing or two about competing against Tonon at Metamoris).  In addition to his observations about the match, Kit also hooks us up with some great details about the behind the scenes nature of the show, reveals what Kenny Florian was too scared to do, and Kit and I discover where our jiu-jitsu venn diagrams intersect.

Ruben Avila Ruben- As one of of the more prolific BJJ writer/bloggers on the circuit, we decided to turn to the guy behind, Ruben Avila, to help us try to make sense of the lengthy (and ultimately underwhelming) game show that was "Submit Vinny Mahalhaes for $10,000!"  More importantly, we ask if this is a format that Metamoris should continue to use in future installments going forward.  That and he gets Kevin to inadvertently support the use of WWE-esque rules in order to make a match like this more interesting (slick move, Ruben. He never even saw it coming!).

Jim LawsonJim Lawson - It only makes sense that we enlist the help of our friend Jim Lawson of The Warrior's Club to help us break down the epic rematch between two exciting BJJ warriors.  Jim makes his second appearance on the show detailing the finer points of Keenan Cornelius' and Yuri Simoes' respective games and attacks.  As the lone gi match of the card, Jim tells us how the match stacked up against the five other bouts (and even describes how the fight looked like in person at the Long Beach Convention Center that night).


Travis Newaza - Very few people can refer to themselves as the "sweetheart" of Brazilian Jiu-JItsu and get away with it.  Yet somehow the distinction doesn't seem too far off when you get around to talking about Travis Newaza.  As one the owner of one of the coolest BJJ brands out on the circuit (Newaza Apparel) Travis has made a name for himself as a brand owner who doesn't just make clothes for the BJJ community, but who also takes a great deal of pride in being immersed in the culture of the sport.  On this podcast, Travis helps us measure the shock value of the Metamoris "secret match," it's overall impact, and even discusses the finer points of Ed O'Neil's head.

JT TorresJT Torres - In order to get the most objective account of the match-up between JT Torres and Rory MacDonald we decided to ask JT himself to take an objective look at his match against Rory MacDonald.  Just kidding.  No part of our conversation is objective in the least.  Instead, JT gives us the inside scoop on what it was like to compete against an opponent who outweighed him by close to 40+ pounds, outlines the game plan he used during the match (and describes the adjustments he had to make), and even takes a minute to respond to the comment that Rory was prepared to let his arm get broken on the Metamoris mats.

Rob Acree Rob Acree- And finally, closing out the podcast, is one of Kevin's training awesome partners from BJJ and MMA Training Center out in Chantilly, Virgina, Rob Acree.  Rob uses his black belt acumen to properly contextualize the match between Renzo Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba, navigating us through not only the historical significance of this highly-anticipated rematch, but also giving us a detailed breakdown of the techniques and strategies utilized by both Renzo and Sakuraba.  Additionally, he helps me get in some great digs at Kevin's expense, so I seriously can't complain about that.

A damn good podcast from start to finish.  Thanks to everyone who participated and helped us breakdown this monumental event.  And keep an eye out real soon for episodes of Around the Mat to start popping up all around.

And get ready guys.  Kevin touches down in LA in just a few days and we've already got big plans for our 100th episode!  Get ready folks!

If you want to send us a message on our social media, merely hastag #VerbalTapTurns100 with a twitter message, Instagram meme, video or Vine to send us a message (we might just talk about it on air)!

Oh Yeah, Check This Out

I got the chance to shoot the shit with Garry Tonon this week.  Good times were had.

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VERBAL TAP (Episode 93) with White Belt BJJ


VERBAL TAP (Episode 93) with White Belt BJJ


[buzzsprout episode='210565' player='true'] Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 2.59.27 AMRaf's Recollection | BJJ friends, we really come through for you on this one.  This episode not only features the awesome guys from  White Belt BJJ (Todd Shaffer and Tony Peranio), but we also do some of the best investigative journalism we've ever done on this episode of the podcast.

When I saw the headline "Wrestler Challenges Jiu Jitsu Instructor at 10th Planet Decatur AL- Security Cam Footage," it didn't take long for me to realize it would likely somehow involve our pal Brandon McCaghren.

Yes.  This goofball.

Me and Brandon MemeYeah, the same guy behind this abomination of a song (and also this one that's pretty ok).

Chances are, you've likely seen the video we're talking about here.  If you haven't, take the following five minutes of your time to laugh your ass off as you watch Brandon make short work of a guy who interrupted his jiu-jitsu class and challenged him to a match (mid-way through said class, mind you).

In the time span of a week, the video has gone viral (right now hovering around the neighborhood of 500k views) and attracted the attention of just about every major BJJ publication and Facebook page (and even a few non-BJJ sites), making Brandon a bit of an overnight BJJ celebrity.

So to get to the bottom of this whole ordeal, we decided to reach out to our pal and get him to tell his side of the story.  In our EXCLUSIVE interview, Brandon walks us through the match and all of the events that lead up to the challenge.

As usual, Brandon brings his brand of whimsy to the show and we couldn't be happier to see him get so many compliments on his jiu-jitsu skills (I've rolled with the guy, the dude's BJJ is nothing short of awesome).  Give it a listen and let Brandon know what you thought on the Twitter at @Brandon_mc.

Here's hoping even more people head to his classes as participants, not mid-class challengers.

White Belt BJJ

Man, are these guys funny.

I can't tell you how many times I've scrolled through my Instagram feed and laughed out loud at the work the very funny guys from White Belt BJJ do.

Instead of talking about it, I'll just let a few of these speak for themselves.

Beat It MemeBraveheart  Ric Flair Meme  White Belt JJ InstructorWhite Belt BJJ - HannibalAnd that's just a small sample of their work.  Spend a few minutes going through their memes and you're bound to crack up more than just a few times.

What makes so many of the memes they do work so well is the ability to combine a crazy subversive sense of humor with a series of observations that are grounded in many of the frustrations so many BJJ practitioners experience in their training sessions.

I've been a real fan of the fantastic work ethic these guys have and they were a blast to talk with on the podcast.  On our show, they talk about how White Belt BJJ came into existence, what it's felt like to watch so many new BJJ meme artists come out of the woodwork, and we even find out how much Tony and Todd really know about one another.

Give it a view and go support them on all of their channels.




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And then also check out the latest installment of our BJJ talk show panel, Around the Mat.  In our latest episode, we break down the match between Saulo Ribeiro and Rodrigo "Comprido" Medeiros.  Let us know what you think about it with the hashtag #AroundTheMat!



VERBAL TAP (Episode 32): UFC on FOX 8 Review


Raf's Recollection | I don't think Kev and I have laughed more than we did on this episode.  Our new friend, TRAVIS, from, had us in stitches the entire episode.

For those unfamiliar, Travis is the guy behind this MMA/boxing viral sensation.

Yep.  That guy.  And he's awesome!  In our EXCLUSIVE interview, we find out what makes Travis tick.  He talks about how the video came together, if people continue to ask if they can punch him in the face, and talks a little bit about the types of fun (and FREE!) instructional videos that can be found on his website.

And while the video that introduced us all to the magic that is @FightSmartTrav is hilarious (and now stands at a cool 2.2 million views online), it doesn't even come close to capturing the essence of the MMA perfectionist who wants to find new and entertaining ways to educate folks about the essence of mixed martial arts and self defense.

There truly is more to Travis than meets the eye.  Sure he's animated, he's got some great MMA training stories, and exudes the perfect type of nonsense that we indulge here at Verbal Tap, but there's a method behind the madness that can be found at his and I'd highly encourage you all to check out the videos he's providing for Free.99.  So get on it, before he gets the good sense to charge you a-holes for the top notch instruction he's providing.

Additionally, Kev and I take some time to talk about this weekend's UFC on FOX 8 and explain where the hell we've been for the past three weeks.  And before you ask: no, we've missed you more, America.  So stop reading this and download/listen to the podcast already!