The people of Wichita, KS couldn’t have been prepared for the show Doug Jenkins and Joe “the Nose” Wilk were about to put on! Watch this video if you even remotely enjoy MMA! Hell, watch this video if that jerk you live across the hall from freshman year liked MMA, this is a good fight.

Just before the fight VerbalTapCast had the honor of sitting down with Joe Wilk and hearing some fight stories. Here is some brief (you are welcome) analysis, and the link to the podcast!

Onto the fight! Joe “the Nose” Wilk promises one thing when he enters the cage, a fight. Sounds obvious for an MMA fighter but those of that are familiar with the sport, you know not every fighter delivers on that promise. Apparently Doug Jenkins also walks in promising a fight, because wow did these two deliver. Some great grappling, fantastic striking exchanges, and just some good ole fashion brawling this fight shows what makes MMA amazing.

I had Wilk in pretty solid control through the first two rounds with great body control and a lot of offense. Though Doug Jenkins certainly had his moments where he did some damage. Total props to Doug Jenkins for weathering the storm of offense he saw from “The Nose” and countering at just the right time. It appeared coming into that third round Joe looked a little tired, and that opened the door for Jenkins. Jenkins landed some solid strikes, Wilk’s face started to bleed a lot, and what a crazy amount of toughness we see from Wilk as he takes a solid 2 minutes of strikes from Jenkins. Great fight!

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