If you're like me the only thing that upsets you about Quinton “Rampage” Jackson signing with Bellator MMA (www.bellator.com) is that there is 0 mention of him reprising his role as Sergeant Bosco Albert (B.A.) Baracus! While there is no mention of A-Team 2, the deal with Bellator is rumored to open the door for Rampage to appear on TNA Impact Wrestling! Since Spike programs both the hope is we’ll not only see Rampage step back into the Octagon, but also into a cage wearing spanx and doing what he’s always really excelled at, acting! Rampage, the 34 year old Mixed Martial Arts veteran, has officially signed a deal with Bellator MMA! From a fight fan perspective, this is a no brainer, we’re always happy to see Rampage fight. His last 5 or so fights have been a very dramatic departure from his Pride fighting days when he was an action pushing bad boy. Now, he appears to be more of a semi-interested boxer. Ya never know though, people change, maybe he needs the money and will be hungry again, either way i’ll be watching. Congrats to Bellator and Rampage, and VerbalTapCast is stoked he’s back in the game.

Don't know what this one is.  He loves animals?

With the chain and fist of destiny.

Here he is mean mugging the camera like a champion!

Rampage with his "I am ready to wrestle...kind of...." face.