Kevin Taps OutWe just wanted to take a moment to thank all of our friends for helping us out with our very first #wwebjj week. We had such a great response, we thought we'd make a post where you could find all of the videos we featured throughout the last week.

I mean damn, even this happened.

11098663_244747329029013_1522450417_nSpecial thanks to everyone who either participated, made, appeared, directed or even liked our videos.  The response was so great, we've already decided we'll be doing this again (next year, if not earlier).  So start thinking about what move you might want to contribute or send in for next year's #wwebjj week!

So check out the videos below, or head on over to the Verbal Tap Podcast Facebook Fan Page and check out the higher resolution videos on our playlist here (for whatever reason our Instagram has been pixelating some of our videos, so sorry in advance for any disruption to your viewing friends).

Without further ado.

My Trademark Finisher

Where the #wwebjj Concept Originated


Just an Ordinary Roll During Open Mat


UFC Fighter Christos Giagos Shows Off his #wwebjj Skill


Everything I Learned, I Learned from Ken Shamrock

RFA's Terrion "Flash" Ware Shows Off a Sick Guillotine Transition

Our pals over at @systemstrainingcenter decided to up the ante (and the production value) in our latest #wwebjj video. @ufc fighter @cgiagos and @rfafighting's very own @flash_mma join in on the fun and show a unique transition from standing. But the real star of this show might be @vcachero who's @_manamade production shingle makes Jason Statham movies look dull by comparison. Btw, you can listen in to Terrion and Vince's last appearance on our podcast right here: #wwe #wwf #bjj #brazilianjiujitsu #bjj #jiujitsu #submission #wwebjjweek #grappling #submissionwrestling #catchwrestling #wrestlemaniaxxx #roadtowrestlemania #wm31 #guillotine #guillotinechoke #teamsystems A video posted by Verbal Tap Cast (@verbaltapcast) on


BJJ Breakdown's John Evans Demonstrates His Favorite High Mount Escape

Douglas James Pays Tribute to Daniel Bryan


Karl Penn Shows Channels Sting  

I Hate My Training Partners Sometimes


Bubba McDaniel Gets His Inner-Mick Foley On


Brandon McCaghren Breaks the Walls Down

How Jimmy Quinlan Rolls

For my friends @verbaltapcast training with @strikedash #wwebjj #roadtobjjmania Video credit: @pqmma   A video posted by Jimmy Quinlan (@jqcrash25) on