So when did mixed martial arts suddenly become the trendy way to propose marriage? Right off the heels of a razor thin victory proposal from Benson Henderson in the Octagon two weeks ago, we have this new video that was brought to our attention thanks to the good people over at Tap.Nap.Snap.Your MMA Recap.

During a perfectly normal roll between a couple, the male jiu-jitsu practitioner below decides to pull guard AND her heartstrings.

So... a few questions.  And since jiu-jitsu is never a perfect art, feel free to take my observations and notes here with a grain of salt.

  1. Would an arm triangle have made a stronger selection here? I respect the choice to go for a triangle choke, but might an arm triangle afforded an opportunity to slip the ring directly on the finger ("boom, you're engaged!")
  2. Was there a plan if she had said "no?"  Do you finish the choke if that were the case?
  3. Wait... in this scenario are you supposed to finish the choke?  I feel it's just bad drilling to just release the hold.  I mean, how are you ever going to learn the muscle memory for the move without the repetition?

I suppose the part that makes me laugh the most here, is watching the guy scramble for the ring while also playing defense (major props to the corner man who gives his buddy the ring in the ring!).  And then when he does actually get the ring, there's an added element of danger of "Wait, is he going to drop that?  What if he doesn't set the move up correctly and she ends up passing his guard?  What will happen then!!!  No one wants a marriage proposal from side mount!"

All kidding aside, we'd like to extend our congratulations to the couple in the video.  I personally hope they continue the whole jiu-jitsu theme for all of their wedding proceedings (Oh my God, the wedding officiant needs to be a ref!)

And, I for one, think these crazy kids are gonna make it.  Don't they say, "the couple who trains jiu-jitsu together... have absolutely no problem kicking the living crap out of anyone who dares give them a problem?"

Either way, on behalf of us at Verbal Tap, best of luck to you guys and we sincerely wish you all the best!