Kevin's Description: This podcast runs deep with monologue jokes that will take you on a journey. The guys talk: Bisping vs. Hendo, Conor McGregor vs. WWE, Nate Diaz, UFC Fight Night, and Travis Conley wins Fight to Win Pro. Listen in, this podcast has America.

Raf's Recollection - Yeah, we know that's not a picture of Brandon Mccaghren, tune in to find out why we used it.

Plus, hear all about Brandon's latest venture, Leglock Academy and how this major project with Alan Belcher and Nathan Orchard came together.

Plus, we get to hear some inside scoop of how everything went down at UFC 201 (Brandon was in the ATL and tells us everything he saw).

Plus, if you haven't already read my tweet recap of the event, head HERE.

And if you want to know the big project I'm working on over the next 30 days, head HERE.

You can also download the entire episode (#185) right HERE!