Grappling Industries, Facebook

Grappling Industries, Facebook

Kevin's Description: The greatest submission only event no-time limit fight just took place (this from Kevin's recency bias).

The guys discuss Gordon Ryan's amazing submission victory over Keenan Cornelius and if you want more head over to (Raf wrote about it).

Rob Ingram stops by from McDojo Life to play Over/Under Kevin UFC 202 against Kevin. If you know anything about Rob, you'll want to listen in. If you don't.....give it 5 mins.

Raf's Recollection | One of the more lively Over/Under Kevin's we've had.  McDojo's Rob Ingram drops by to talk about calling out BS martial artists and then sticks around to take on Kevin's UFC 202 picks.

And I'm not promising anything, but maybe Nate Diaz shows up.

Shut up, I said I'm not promising anything!!!

Oh, and also, we talk about how people still find ways to bitch about a free match with Keenan Cornelius and Gordon Ryan.

Listen in and tell a friend folks!

And if you're having any problems with accessing the file here, you can download EPISODE 187 right here.