Kevin's Description: This week stars with a recap of UFC Fight Night Cyborg vs. Lansberg and Rizin FF 2. Then the guys nerd out with leg lock specialist and EBI standout Josh Hayden. Join in as Josh discusses his leg lock system, how he trains, and what's next for the grappling star. Listen in, this podcast is a blast.

FULL EPISODE: VERBAL TAP Clip: This week our pal Josh Hayden picked up a major sponsorship from the great guys at Phalanx Athletics. However, his jiu-jitsu is so solid we felt it necessary to score the guy some more sponsorships so we can get more opportunities to see him crush it on the mats. As such, Kevin and I play our favorite game of "Let's Get This Person Sponsored."

Posted by Verbal Tap Podcast on Friday, September 30, 2016

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