Kevin's Description: They brought the British guy from Polaris back!! Yes we did, listen in as we talk to GSP, talk UFC 204, talk a little Polaris, and look at the beauty  Valor Fight Gear USA.  Listen in, fun podcast.

Raf's Recollection: This was a rough one to watch.  

Dan Henderson left it all in that Octagon at UFC 204 -- with some making the argument the oldest dude in the UFC actually beat the  middleweight champ, Michael Bisping.  But sadly, the judges did not see fit to award the decision to Hendo for his powerful punches (or really give him a fitting way to exit the UFC). 

While that was a bit of a bummer, I suppose we can take solace in knowing that Hendo went out better than most people when they have to call it quits in the sport of mixed martial arts. 

Nonetheless, we invited our pal Josh Palmer to return on the show to tell us how he saw that fight go down with his extremely biased British eyes.  Come for the witty banter about MMA, stay for myself and Kev giving him shit about British colloquialisms.  

In case you missed Dan's final post-presser speech (at least we hope/think), feel free to watch it below.  Plus, if you're feeling up for some extra credit, listen in to the very sassy remarks from one Gegard Mousasi, who stole the show with his hilarious one-liners at the press conference.  


So when you create something like the UFC... like America did — I mean technically some Brazilians did — but they were in AMERICA! Their business was here. And I’ll tell you one thing the red, white, and blue... these colors don’t run because here in America when you feel like you wanna watch something, you make other countries fall in line. That’s why we are here: guns, eagles, fireworks, hot dogs, and all of those other things. And that’s why your main card doesn’t start till 2 or 3 a.m.”
— Raf giving Josh mess for saying the UFC panders to the US Audience

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