Because Jitsu, Instagram

Because Jitsu, Instagram

Kevin's Description: Thank you to everyone who has ever listened. Karyn Bryant is the best and tells some really great inside MMA stories.  We surprise young Jason Hayden with his brother and best training partner Josh Hayden.  Then the following awesome people call to say ... something: Smile ‘N Sam Alvey, Eric Jackman @NewYorkRic, T.P. Grant, Nicolas Gregoriades, Marshal Carper, Matt Freeman, Jesse Saxon, Paul Moran, Jon Thomas, Josh Palmer, Cody Bollinger, Valerie Worthington, Vernon Kirk, Amechi Akpom, Gabriel Arges, Kiyoshi, and our friend who started jiu-jitsu. Listen in, this podcast is a blast.

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Raf's Recollection | Words.


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