Kevin's Description: The guys argue about the most exciting moment of UFC 159, talk a little about the new song for GSP, then Mike Jasper stops by to keep the show from completely derailing. Listen in, and leave a comment telling us your thoughts on UFC 159!

Raf’s Recollection : Sometimes it is a small world after all.  As we started booking fighters to come appear on the show, I had a friend (the incomparable Melissa Benassi) offer to help us reach out to one of the folks who fought in the premiere episode of this season's Ultimate Fighter.

And even though the multi-talented, Mike Jasper, didn't make it into the TUF house (he lost in the first round to Collin Hart), he hasn't missed a beat in his still undefeated career as a professional fighter (the loss to Hart is tallied as an exhibition).

In addition to being impervious to Raiders jokes, Jasper was very candid about the behind the scenes nature of The Ultimate Fighter production.  And, believe us folks, there's a lot of stuff that you don't see on TV.  The UFC doesn't just pick 32 guys and then have them magically show up.  Jasper tells us his side of the story and, if you've ever wondered how it all comes together, this interview is a must-listen.

But that's not all.  If you act now, you'll also get to hear a little bit about the man, the myth, the legend: Bas Rutten.

Yes, this Bas Rutten.

Jasper happens to train out of Rutten's gym (MMA Elite) and talks a little bit about the way Mr. Rutten runs the gym.

So give it a listen to the podcast that we're dedicating to Melissa Benassi for making this very special episode happen.  You can check out Jasper's fight right here.