[buzzsprout episode='316047' player='true'] Shawn FowlerRaf's Recollection | Never a dull moment round these parts, folks.  This week we bring on Sub Con's Shawn Fowler to talk a little bit about the organization's next tournament on November 1st, and then we chat with ATOS's Mike Perez who talks with us about everything from ADCC to competitive spirit, his future plans, and even mentions some things you might not know about the guy.

So listen in and let us know what you guys think.

11391770_10206867111017445_7652587457950202382_nOh, BTW, I tricked my work into letting me write about jiu-jitsu today.  So I think that means you all are obligated to read about it.

Give it a read here and then make plans to watch Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown this Sunday on CNN.

Oh, and also, you should make plans to watch the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam this Sunday, because yours truly will be doing commentary with John Evans yet again.

So get excited folks.  It's all going down!