[buzzsprout episode='307076' player='true'] this photo from Raf's sister was taken moments after the Newaza Challenge sign off.

Kevin's Total Recall: If you didn't see the Newaza Challenge, do yourself and jiu-jitsu a favor and go watch it right now (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UaUpGZpGls).... we'll wait. Okay, so you now you know how amazing it was. Raf Esparza and John Evans were amazing calling the fights. Tune in as Raf explains why Kevin's absence might have beautiful minded his performance.

Raf and Kevin scream in support of Polaris Pro 2 and debate who was better, Garry Tonon or Josh Palmer. Then, Raf graciously catches Kevin up on ADCC 2015 because Kevin was moving Denver. Nay, Kevin moved to Denver. Thats right, Episode 132 is live from Denver (and LA but that's not new).

This podcast ends with Kevin winning Over/Under UFC 191. Watch Major League and afterwards you can send your congratulations to Kevin on his winning streak @phillipskevin1 on twitter.

Stay cool Verbal Tap fans, your the best in the world.