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RIMG_2739af's Recollection | Before we start I feel it’s important to ask: What are your true feelings about AJ Agazarm?
Obviously his jiu-jitsu places him in the conversation for some of the most reliably exciting and memorable jiu-jitsu matches, but it’s the next part that sometimes tends to throw people: is he a lovable heel working the crowd or is he a guy who’s merely pushing aside jiu-jitsu norms and conventions to “show off?”


This week we not only get the chance to talk with the man in question himself, but also got to ask him about his stellar last minute match up against Karo Parisyan at Metamoris Underground.


We cover it all: how he came to replace JT Torres at the last minute, what goes through his brain the hour before he goes into competition mode, and even why he felt the need to start pushing the action a little bit (ya know, by literally pushing Karo several times here and there throughout the match).


Oh, and before you ask, yes we definitely talk about this.


Our one hour discussion takes through topics big and small, as we also discuss his jiu-jitsu philosophy, what it was like to corner Joao Miyao at EBI 4, I his incredible journey back to ADCC, and maybe even get down to the type of influence his favorite TV show has on his grappling game.


It’s a fascinating discussion into the mind of AJ Agazarm that might even change your perspective on the guy (or not, we don’t really know your situation).


Plus, our good pal John Evans drops in to tell us how in the hell he ended up on our TV screens this week.


Also, be sure to check out this awesome interview I did with Joe Soto right after his head-turning performance at EBI 4!