[buzzsprout episode='204537' player='true'] lc-davis-indexRaf's Recollection | Our pal LC Davis drops in [24:02], moments after his big win at Bellator 124.

We chat with LC about his preparation for the fight, as well as rectifying the biggest problem of the broadcast:

The fact that they didn't even give him a chance to talk after his win.

Check it out as LC crushes it, not only in his (deserved) post-fight interview, but also in our exclusive interview with this rising Bellator MMA star.

Oh yeah, also we talk a little bit about our pal Travis Conley (welcome back to the USA, buddy :-)

But Wait, There's More...

A reddit post prompted us to start talking about the nerves people get before training.  As someone who's had their own experiences with anxiety, we decided it'd be a great thing to have a little dialogue about one of the lesser talked-about phenomenon in BJJ.

I also talk a little bit about the amazing experience I had over at the Grapplethon over in Laguna Niguel.

All this and much, much more.