[buzzsprout episode='275630' player='true'] ChristosGiagos_HeadshotRaf's Recollection | Hey guys, sorry to leave you with Kevin last week.  I promise not to do it all that often.

Now that I'm on deadline constantly, I don't have as much time to write up these episodes.  Hopefully that'll change in a few weeks.

But we've got a kick-ass episode for you this week.

Our pal Christos Giagos from Systems Training Center stops in to tell us about his upcoming UFC fight, who the worst person currently is over at Systems, and even give us the insight on what it's like to refuse bottle service when up in the strip club (because you're too busy prepping for your next fight).  Also, he tells us why he's crazy enough to pull stunts like this:

And that's not all, we find out the gripping conclusion to the battle between purple belts guessing UFC 187, as comedian Joe Gilpin helps us recap all of of the wonder that was this weekend's fights.

If you get the chance, be sure to check out my articles I'm writing over at First Slice.  Turns out, I also make UFC picks on occasion over there.

All right that'll do it for now.  Let us know what you guys think of this week's episode!

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