[buzzsprout episode='273958' player='true'] Kevin has the keys to the write up.....(apologies to all). Here's the thing, Raf got married, Raf got a job, and Raf needs at least 24 hours to mourn Letterman ending.  But Kevin? Kevin has literally nothing going on. So.....

Kev's Recollection: Albert Morales is too skinny to do jiujitsu or fighting, but no one told him that. He stops by just in time for me to announce him winning a different fight.  Albert laughs off my moronic behavior because well....he's met me. Then he explains how he put John Yoo down with punches to win at Bellator 137.  Humble in victory he also gives us some seriously funny exclusives about his post fight interactions with the doctor.  Albert is also a gluten for punishment, and is preparing for the IBJJF World's competition.  What a warrior right? Wrong, because he believes when you wear gi pants and a rash guard you SHOULDN'T grab the pants (when Raf reads this he is going to be pissed).  Albert was great, and look how attractive he is in this photo I might have added correctly:

Photo courtesy of Albert's Facebook profile.

Its going okay on this whole episode write-up thing (at least I think so).  Next up is Comedian and Jiujtisu Purple Belt Joe Gilpin.  I'm going to be honest with you guys, its possible Raf might replace me with Joe. I'm going to be more honest, I get that.  Joe joins us for Over / Under Kevin for UFC 187 featuring Rumble vs. DC!  Lets all take a second with the original poster to remember why its important not to use drugs while driving:

Photo courtesy of: Dailymail.Co.Ok via UFC.

Joe is awesome, this podcast is awesome, you all should listen to it because that would make you all... really cool.   Here is a fun photo of Joe I got from his Facebook post so you can imagine the many visual jokes that were made:

Joe G.

Feels like writing this will ensure Raf never lets me do this again.  Cheers Verbal Tap Cast community, you all are the best (no seriously, fans of this show are unlike any other!)


-Kevin T Phillips