[buzzsprout episode='321782' player='true'] 11998089_10103167772650240_917941362_nRaf's Recollection | It's been awhile since we've had the pleasure of chatting with our pal Jon Thomas (of Tap Cancer Out), but when we do we make sure to make the conversation memorable and light.

I have a lot of respect for the work that Jon does.  Tap Cancer Out donates hundreds of thousands of dollars (for a sport that often struggles to make financial sense).  And yet, here is a tournament that puts charity right at the epicenter of a great opportunity for those who like to compete to get out there and raise money for a good cause.

I can get behind that.

Not only do we talk about Tap Cancer Out's upcoming venture back out to San Diego (January 16th, be sure to sign up here!), but we also find out more about Jon's journey in jiu-jitsu, his competitive philosophy, what he thinks when he goes to other tournaments he's not running, and maybe even hear a little bit about what it feels like to get a private from Keenan Cornelius.

Plus, we talk about my adventures over at Cobra Kai Jiu-Jitsu in Vegas over the weekend, and give you guys a little more context about these two killer moments that happened there:



Plus, you can hear all about how Lance Storm, MVP, and William Regal all basically became fans of my technique here.

It's all good stuff you guys.  Listen in and enjoy, folks!