[buzzsprout episode='324053' player='true'] AJ AgazarmRaf's Recollection | Chances are, you've probably heard about the match announced between AJ Agazarm and Augusto Tanquinho this morning -- but, of course, our subscribers already knew about that match yesterday (all the more incentive to subscribe to our show on iTunes).

We not only got the EXCLUSIVE match announcement on our show from AJ himself, but we also got to hear how that match all came together.  We also got to ask AJ a little bit more about the behind-the-scenes nature of FloGrappling's stream of this year's No Gi Worlds. And before you ask, yes, we did talk with AJ about that commentary gig -- you know the one.  And I have to say, that's what I appreciate about the guy, he both understands the wide scope of responses to his turn as a commentator (freely accepting constructive criticism) and is very open about talking about the practice of it.  As someone who has put on a headset a couple of times, I can attest to the crazy nature of play-by-play commentary. Having said that, it also doesn't stop us from getting in a joke here or there about it.

AJ also happened to bring along a couple buddies who crash the very top of the interview (one of whom had a very, very nice weekend).  AJ and friends tell us who they enjoyed watching compete and even indicate what up-and-coming killers are coming up on their radar.

It's a fun time that's had by all.

We start the episode talking about my experience hanging out at Worlds, and also discussing a few behind-the-scenes "secrets" that happened at this year's big event (#NoGiWorldsSecrets).

Also, this meme perfectly sums up the one thing that threatened to ruin my days at Worlds.

And don't get too comfortable, folks.  Because a second episode this week is gonna drop sooner than you think (keep a look out to your iTunes subscriptions this week, as we've got another episode previewing this weekend's UFC 193 coming up very, VERY soon... like now, cuz here it is, EPISODE 141). Oh, btw, what'd you guys think of this #wwebjj move we came up with?