[buzzsprout episode='339993' player='true'] 10680501-9BD6-4449-9688-028B0B1A6FA9Raf's Recollection | Good news everyone: We got Kevin back!

That's right, after surviving a ridiculous week of vacation, Kevin returns to the show to find out who ended up winning the Over/Under Kevin (Without Kevin) brawl that took place between The MMA Hour's Eric Jackman and Caleb Johnson.

The result just. might. shock. you.

Or not, I don't really know your deal.

This week, we bring Jackman and Johnson on the show to talk about the controversial decision between Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit's epic, five round fight that everyone seems to have an opinion on.

What do you guys think?  After you listen in to the podcast this week, let us know who you thought won.  Also, we talk a little Rizin and whatever the hell that was.

And don't forget to hit us up on social media.  You can also follow our pal Caleb as he takes part in an awesome superfight over in Texas this Saturday by giving him a follow on Twitter and Periscope at @johnsoncaleb27

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