[buzzsprout episode='342307' player='true'] CFD77301-C1BF-4AED-835B-4E9257D45A00Raf's Recollection | We've long been fans of Abraham Marte here at the podcast.  There's something about the Clark Kent looking guy off the mats that lulls you into a false sense of safety when you see him turn up the intensity when he goes on the mats.

It was cool to get to hear many of his thoughts about the competition game, as well as his perspectives on nerd culture.

But not only do we talk with Marte, we also talk with his pal Chris Martin (not the lead singer of that lame band, a fellow jiu-jitsu practitioner), who hops on the episode to talk with us about a cool BJJ getaway that's going to help raise money for charity.

A BJJ getaway you say?  Yeah, not just any get away, a bad ass one that will also feature Rodolfo Viera and Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu at a Brazilian jiu-jitsu camp in the Dominican Republic next month for an organization called BJJ 4 Change, with proceeds going to the Fighting for a Dream Project.


For more information, check out the website here and join in.