[buzzsprout episode='344662' player='true'] Matt FreemanRaf's Recollection | Let's just put it out there, Metamoris imploded this week.

The takeover from AJ Agazarm became such a weird series of events, we figured the only way to cover them was to bring together several of our pals to read the statements in dramatic form.

We let everyone interpret the words as they deemed fit. As former champions in the arts of interpretation (we competed nationally in speech and debate like the nerds we are), Kevin and myself have an appreciation for listening to others take their best stab at the words written meticulously by Ralek Gracie and AJ.

I mean, shit, it wasn't that long ago that AJ was stoked to compete for Metamoris.  He even came on our show to talk about how he wasn't that concerned about getting paid, he was certain he would (you can listen to that appearance here).  But not paying someone for six months and asking people to chill is... well... it's insane.

The whole thing's nuts.

And then, to top it all off, we brought on Inside BJJ's Matt Freeman (pictured above with one of the mayors of the 209) to help us make sense of it all.  It's a fun-fillled Metamoris themed episode where we do our best to try to answer the following important question:

What the fuck happened?

We hope you all enjoy it.

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