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RBellator 149af's Recollection | I feel the meme to the right of us here captures exactly how we felt about Bellator 149, but turns out, with the announcement of the Conor McGregor lottery we had so much MMA news in the world that we needed to put out TWO episodes this week.

We do our best to sift through the mess that was Kimbo Slice vs. Dada5000, but you know, it basically went how we all thought it was.

I mean just look at this. Who the hell thought this was going to work?

Dada vs Kimbo






I think I feel the worst for the people in the background pretending to clap.  Nonetheless, we break down how this trainwreck took place (as well as the main event -- the match of the century -- Ken Shamrock vs. Royce Gracie 3.

Then we got news that the Rafael Dos Anjos had to drop out of his title fight with Conor McGregor, prompting the entire UFC roster to come out of the woodwork to challenge the guy for a red panty night.

So Kev and I put back on the headphones, grabbed our mics and got right back on it, consulting some of the key players themselves (like "B.J. Penn," "Dana White," and even the man of the hour himself, "Nate Diaz.").  This is the result.

We hope you dig both of these episodes.

And if you have any problems downloading either of these episodes in the embed above, you can do so by clicking here for Episode 157 and here for Episode 158.