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Silva BispingRaf's Recollection | We were only planning to record one episode this week, and then the UK judging crew decided to hand one over to Michael Bisping over the weekend.

Oh, what's that you say, look at the metrics, you say?  We do that on episode 159.  But we also take a critical look at more than just the numbers, we try to figure out what the hell lead us to a decision, the craziest third round we've ever seen, and tried to figure out how all three judges would side with Bisping in the fourth.

In short, we had to call for an emergency episode that we recorded on Sunday.  But that didn't stop us from remembering our duty to our audience in providing you with the very best UFC 196 preview card there is in the world.

That's right, our pal Nick "Chewy" Albin (chewjitsu.net) joins us all the way from Louisville, KY.  The Derby City Mixed Martial Arts black belt helps us go through the entire card and gives us the inspiring tale of a young, spazy white belt who found redemption and made his way to becoming the incredibly popular goofball instructor we all know and love today.

You know, one of the guys behind the gym who does this.


And this


Also, he's deadly on the mats.  Don't let the jokes and the Miami Vice blazers fool you.

So listen in and let us know who you think is going to win this week, folks.

If you have any problems listening to the episodes in the embeds above, you can download Episode 159 HERE and Episode 160 right HERE.